Queen Mother – 80th Birthday Crown – 4th August 1980


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In 1980, the Royal Mint issued a 1980 Queen Mother Coin, a commemorative crown to mark the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday. The coin features the Queen Mother in the centre, with lions and bows around her. It also has the text “QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER 4 AUGUST 1980”.

The 1980 Queen Mother crown is one of four commemorative 25p coins issued between 1972 and 1981. It was minted to honour to 80th birthday of the H.M Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, a member of the Royal Family who was well-liked by the British Public.

Born as the Honourable Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon on 4th of August 1900, the Queen Mother joined the Royal Family in 1923 after her marriage to HRH The Duke of York in 1923. They went on to have two children, Princess Elizabeth in 1926 and Princess Margaret in 1930.

Despite not being released into circulation, the coin was still minted in high quantities. With an official mintage figure of 9,306,000 (over 9.3 million), there are more of the 1980 Queen Mother crown than many of the commemorative 50p coins that are minted today.